Furnace Repair Service in Cypress

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

In Cypress, most of us spend more time thinking about our air conditioner and our energy bills during the summer months than we do thinking about our furnace or our energy bills in the winter.  While we seem to be more reliant upon our Cypress air conditioners, it is also important to consider and maintain your furnace too.  It may not be until your furnace goes out that you realize how much we rely on them, too!

Whether you have an aging furnace or you need a new one, we would be happy to assist you!  Our certified and professional technicians can come to your home and inspect an older unit, and if you need or want to replace your finance, they can help guide you in choosing the right furnace and heating system for your home.

Heating Maintenance Plans: Why You Should Invest

It doesn’t matter how old or new your furnace is, a maintenance plan is a great investment.  Maintenance plans are much like insurance, you invest hoping you don’t need it, but it’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.  The benefit of having regular maintenance is that the technician can find small issues before they become catastrophic; technicians can also perform normal cleaning and lubrication that will keep components from breaking down before they should.

Heating Tune Ups

As we move into the fall, we stop thinking about our Cypress air conditioners and start thinking about our furnaces.  Although we generally have a mild fall, it’s best to be prepared and this is where our heating tune ups will come in handy.  When our NATE technicians come out to do an inspection in October they will:

  • Inspect all burners and clean, if needed
  • Check flue pipes and draft diverters
  • Inspect pilot and clean as needed
  • Check safety pilot
  • Inspect accessible heat exchangers
  • Check thermostat
  • Inspect gas valve
  • Check for any combustible material on or near the furnace

An annual cleaning and maintenance check will be performed in February and will include:

  • Removal of furnace burners, cleaning if necessary
  • Inspecting heat exchanger for cracks, holes or other signs of aging
  • Check gas pressure at furnace
  • Removal and cleaning of blower wheel
  • Inspect blower motor and lubricate if needed
  • Inspect evaporator
  • Clean drain pans and clear lines
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Inspect condenser motor and lubricate as needed
  • Tighten all electrical connections as needed
  • Check fan control
  • Check limit safety switch
  • Check performance and efficiency of heating system
  • Check and clean air filters

As you can see, maintenance plans will help you protect your furnace and whole heating system.  It’s easy to focus on our cooling systems, but your heating system is just as important.  Regular maintenance gives you peace of mind, but also ensures that your home is as energy efficient as possible.  We encourage all of our customers to purchase our heating maintenance plans alongside our Cypress air conditioner maintenance places, so no matter the time of year or the temperature outside, the air quality and the temperature of the home is as comfortable as possible.

With years of experience as a locally owned and operated Cypress business, we take pride in helping our neighbors protect their heating and cooling investments. We are proud to help with all areas of heating care and maintenance, as well as with the installation of new units, if necessary. Simply give us a call at 832-677-3273 and we will work with your schedule to book an apartment to fulfill all your maintenance needs at your earliest convenience.    We look forward to working with you and building a lasting relationship.